Rebate Programs

New Product and Fort Collins City Rebates

Manufacturers of irrigation products have achieved significant results in water conversation through technological advances in the recent past. Advances in nozzle design, “smart” controller technology, rain and soil moisture sensors and pressure regulating heads have lead the way in this water conserving effort.

Fortunately, the City of Ft. Collins is being proactive and has extended for another season the rebate program for having these water saving products installed in your yard. The amount of the rebate depends on the type of products installed and the dollar amount involved. You may view a list of the products that qualify for the City’s rebate and their corresponding rebate at:

These products include rotary nozzles for popup spray heads, pressure regulating heads, precision spray nozzles that reduce runoff, wired and wireless rain and rain/ freeze sensors, wireless soil moisture sensors, as well as ET or weather-based control clocks. Please feel free to discuss these products and their resulting water savings with our technicians during our service call(s) or call our office at 970-493-6571.

Although savings of 10-30% of a property’s landscape water use can be realized with an appropriate investment, simply buying and installing these products is not sufficient to obtain these savings. It takes a trained eye and a certain amount of experience to determine which product might work best in a given situation. Also, some products have design flaws or inherent strengths to aid in determining their suitability in the landscape. Unfortunately, these technological advances won’t be enough to “save” a lawn with a poorly designed system. In these situations, some relocating and possibly adding of sprinkler heads may be necessary.