Irrigation Services

We offer top quality, professional sprinkler installation, repair, renovation, design, irrigation audits, consultation, and seasonal spring fire-ups and fall blowouts.

What we continue to do to provide you the best irrigation service in Ft. Collins:

Rainbird Select Contractor Conference, January 2015 Cozumel, MX
Brad was fortunate to be able to attend the 2015 conference where he learned of new technologies and techniques and networked with other contractors.

Pro Green Expo, February 2017 Denver, CO

A majority of Alpenglow’s technician’s attended irrigation related seminars at the Expo in Denver, CO and checked out new irrigation products on the trade show floor.

Irrigation Association (IA) Show, December 2016, Las Vegas, NV

Kris and Brad attended the IA show where both attended irrigation classes and parused the new products on display on the trade show floor

Rainbird Factory Training, January 2018, Thornton, CO

Kris and Brad became Rainbird Factory Trained Technicians after passing a course in residential/ light commercial controller programming.

Pro Green Expo, January 2015 Denver, CO
A majority of Alpenglow’s technicians also attended irrigation related seminars at the Pro Green Expo in Denver, Colorado this past January and checked out new products on the trade show floor.

All of Alpenglow’s attendees took classes at the conference to add to our knowledge of proper sprinkler design, installation and maintenance and to better understand the issues associated with “smart” irrigation technologies

Certification News

  • Brad passed his fifth IA certification by passing the CIT test in December 2016 in Las Vegas, NV.
  • Conaire Cullen became the fifth Alpenglow Sprinkler technician to pass the NALP (National Association of Landscape Professionals) test in August, 2017 in Aurora, CO.
  • Alpenglow Sprinkler is maintaining its participation in the “Certified Landscape Professional” program that the City of Fort Collins has initiated.

To add to his many years of experience, Kris Huber became a PLANET Certified Landscape Technician with a focus in Irrigation! We are happier than ever to have him as part of the Alpenglow team.

These steps set Alpenglow apart from the rest of the pack, and illustrate our commitment to provide you, the customer, the finest in irrigation technology and service.

New Products For Increased Irrigation Efficiency

  • “Smart” controllers – The ESP-SMT Clock
  • Rotary nozzles for popup spray heads
  • Precision spray nozzles to avoid runoff
  • Pressure Regulating Stem (PRS) for rotors and spray heads
  • Seal-A-Matic (SAM) check valves to avoid low head drainage
  • Matched Precipitation Rate (MPR) nozzles for rotors and sprays
  • Sensors – Wireless rain/ freeze sensors with incremental adjustability
  • Popup microsprays for broadcast water application onto perennial/ annual beds
  • Non-clogging copper-shielded in-line drip emitter tubing (resists root intrusion)
  • “Copper-shielded” in-line drip emitter tubing (resists root intrusion)
  • Popup micro-spray heads for drip application of annual/ perennial beds