Certification and Tradeshow News

Alpenglow Sprinkler has always held in high esteem the industry’s attempt to standardize the qualifications of technicians in the field. The certification opportunities the Irrigation Association (IA) and NALP offer are an attempt to lend a more professional image to an otherwise unregulated industry. In so doing, you, the consumer, can be assured that at least a minimum industry standard requirement was met by a given certified candidate, and was able to prove a certain degree of professional proficiency in doing his/ her job.

This is why Alpenglow Sprinkler continually promotes the certification of it’s technicians through NALP and the IA, in order to provide our customers with the highest degree of knowledge and professionalism. In addition, we have maintained our position as a Select Rainbird Contractor, proving our proficiency at installing and maintaining the quality products manufactured by Rainbird, the world’s leading manufacturer of irrigation equipment.

Brad was one of the first in Colorado to become certified through PLANET back in 1994, and has since become a CLIA, CID, CIC, CLWM, all through the IA. Kris Huber became a CLT in irrigation through PLANET several years ago and has demonstrated his aptitude toward quality irrigation workmanship throughout his tenure at Alpenglow,. This will be Kris’ 6th year at Alpenglow!

This past winter Brad was able to join some of the country’s elite sprinkler contractors while attending seminars and product updates at Rainbird’s Select Contractor Conference. He learned of new and improved irrigation technologies and techniques, and was able to network with other contractors. In addition, Kris and Brad both attended the ProGreen Expo in Denver this February, attending industry related seminars and perused the trade show floor for new and improved irrigation products.

Brad Petschek (President, CEO)
• Certified Landscape Technician of Irrigation(CLT)
• Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor(CLIA)
• Certified Landscape Water Manager (CLWM)
• Certified Irrigation Designer(CID)
• Certified Irrigation Contractor(CIC)
• EPA WaterSense Partner

Kris Huber
• CLT, Certified Landscape Technician through PLANET

Water Sense Partners with the EPA
Brad Petschek (CLIA, CLWM, CID, CIC), Alpenglow’s president, is certified through the Irrigation Association, and currently partnering with the EPA to promote water efficient irrigation technology and techniques.

July – Smart Irrigation Month
The Irrigation Association named July as “Smart Irrigation Month” to help promote irrigation conservation. Take advantage of the specials on watering saving products offered by Alpenglow Sprinkler during “Smart Irrigation Month”!